Systems Integration Services
Yes. We agree that things work better when they work together, but the challenge has always been how to scale IT infrastructure and integrate them together to meet business needs. At DIT & Telecoms, we are more focused on the percentage Return on Investment (ROI), much more than the investment amount.
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IT Service Management
Business operations rely on technology to run smoothly. Managing IT services without standards can be costly, difficult, and disorganized.
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Technology Operations Consulting
Need advice on how to manage your ‘IT Technical Debt‘? We have gone through that path and understand all the issues, challenges, and solutions. Our team of consultants has a combined IT operations experience that span over 40 years. Ask us for advice, and we are ready to share from what we know? Please give us a call, or email us now.
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IT Project Management
Need experienced Project Managers to help with IT projects within schedule and under budget? then call us now. We also provide effective online training in critical areas of IT – these include, Privacy and Security training, Line of Business application operations online training. Please call, or email us now.
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LAN / WAN / VPN Implementations
Assess, Design, Install and Support. From the desktops your employees use every day, to the servers and other infrastructure components that power your business and protect your valuable data, DIT & Telecoms offers services to fit both your requirements and your budget. Our network monitoring technologies will improve your network connectivity and speed.
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Learning Management Systems
In today's competitive business environment, what separates one good organization from another is usually how well the business processes, procedures, and policies of that organization is understood, interpreted and practiced by its staff. We can assist you in packaging online training for your business processes, as well as specific and general awareness.
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DIT & Telecoms really helped us achieve our System Integration goals. The network monitoring tool installed help ensure that our network connectivity is consistently stable.

Chinwe Andrew
Sales & Marketing, Alien Ltd.